Social Media Apps Losing Its Customers

social-mediaFrom the time when the mob apps has got the importance in the hearts of the people to a level beyond expectations of the developers of the apps to now a days there is a hell of difference. It was time when people were using mobile apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others in frequent way. But according to the latest study about the usage of the mob apps by the people the results are somewhere in the place where there is a difference in the usage of these mobile apps since and nowadays.



According to a survey a user was spending about 20 minutes of his day on the twitter last year. But in this year the time that is being spent by the users on the twitter is only about 13 minutes. The decrease in the use of the app by the users is depicting the fact that the trend of mobile app in the people is now fading to some extent.



According to a report

  •        The people go for the ditching of the mob apps after their very first use are about 23% of the total.
  •         And the people who go for the un installation of their mobile apps just before usage of them about 11 times are about 62% of the total



The mobiles that the users are using are different from person to person. So the trend of the people to ditch the mob apps may be explained in terms of the mobiles models they are using. Every mob model has some of its limitation factors that cause a disturbance in the way of the people while using the apps in their mobiles.

For the android users the Google play store provides them with about 2 million of the apps for the sake of the enjoyment and ease of the people. But there may be an issue with the users that may result in the ditching of the apps by the users just because of the model of android they are using. Because every model o not support an app in the same way that is basically a cause of inconvenience for the users



The installation process and the privacy policies of the apps may cause an inconvenience for the users while using them. Some types of viral issues, while

Installation of the apps may cause some problems in the devices of the users. This vital issue may be also one of the causes due to which the people are ditching mobile apps.

So, these are may be some problems due to which users are willing to ditch the mob apps. But to avoid them the developers are taking some steps to increase the usage percentage of the apps by the people. For example some developers are working for the opening of the apps directly without the installation procedure just by typing their URL.

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